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PULSCO’s Liquid Pulsation Dampeners (Acoustic Filters) are the effective solution to pulsation, vibration and noise in fluid (hydraulic) piping systems. Whenever fluids are being pumped under high pressure, vibration will occur. High intensity noise may also occur in systems that produce high frequency pulsations. As significant as the noise irritation is the possibility that the vibration will damage system piping and components. The associated maintenance and equipment replacement costs are substantial and in an aircraft system, the results of hydraulic system failure can be catastrophic. PULSCO’s Dampeners reduce piping and component deterioration and provide a quieter environment.

PULSCO’s Liquid Dampeners range in size from 1 to 24 inches in diameter and 4 to 72 inches in length. Liquid Dampeners have been developed for commercial and military aircraft to diminish hydraulic line pressure pulsations and reduce noise for increased passenger comfort and improved operational characteristics of flight control surfaces. Additionally, the range of use for PULSCO Liquid Pulsation Dampeners is highlighted by applications such as silencing wine processing lines at Foster Farms®, and drastically reducing the noise emanating from the hydraulically powered set at the Cirque du Soleil®, Treasure Island Show at the Mirage® Las Vegas.

Liquid Pulsation Dampener

The high frequency component of the pressure pulse is generally the primary cause of damaging pipe vibrations. Several configurations of acoustic elements can be utilized to reduce the resultant pressure pulsation. PULSCO’s Liquid Pulsation Dampeners use the acoustic properties of specifically arranged volumes and tubes to form a reactive low pass filter. The most prevalent style used by PULSCO for higher frequency hydraulic systems is the three-chamber device. This design features a chamber divided into three compartments connected by series and branch tubes. The specific design, however, is dependent on the unique application and desired attenuation.

PULSCO's experience and modeling tools allow accurate predictions of both the generated pressure pulse/noise and the amount of attenuation to precisely size the dampener to a given amount of pressure pulsation. The dampeners can be sized to handle a wide range of pulsation frequencies and flow rates. The dampeners provide a 90%-95% reduction in pressure pulsations over a wide frequency range with fluid-borne noise reduction of greater than 20 decibels. Attenuation is maintained throughout the system flow range, including zero flow and minimum pressure drop.

PULSCO Liquid Dampener can be designed using any material, in any thickness to compensate for temperature, pressure and flow conditions. The diameter and length, as well as the inlet and outlet configuration can be varied to meet specific installation situations. They can be designed to meet a variety of industrial codes including PED, ASME, API, and ANSI. There is no gas charge to maintain or bladder to replace, and with no moving parts maintenance is minimal.

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