Off the shelf models for quick turnaround.

Multi-tank control

Analog input surge suppression

Standard 120v (additional voltages available)

Intuitive Interface

12" HMI color touch screen

Change set points using keypad entry display

View and download event history

Remote Communication

Standard ethernet TCP/IP (additional protocol support available)

Remote session support

Remote monitoring services available

Easy Installation

Wall mounted NEMA 4X enclosure.

Indoors or outdoors

Rated for operation from -20 to 120 F (-28 to 48 C)

No drilling needed for conduit connections


Skypark 730 (SCP-730)

Small and affordable panel for two-analog and four-digital outputs. Wall-mount NEMA 4 with 7" HMI touch screen interface. Ethernet TCP/IP communication standard with downloadable data log.

Skypark 750 (SCP-750)

Surge Controller

The controls maintain the volume of air required to mitigate pressure spikes in pipelines caused by sudden pump startup, shutdown, or valve closure.

Skypark 740 (SCP-740)

Pressure Controller

The controls maintain water system pressure between a specified range to reduce system pumps cycling.

Skypark 7X0-PA (SCP-7X0-PA)

Pneumatic Assembly

Either the SCP-740 or the SCP-750 are integrated with complete level control assembly for ease of job site installation. The add and vent air solenoids, bypass and isolation ball valves, pressure gauge, and all piping and fittings needed for a full and complete level control assembly are pre-piped and wired inside a NEMA 4 outer enclosure.

Additional Information

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