PULSCO’s Hydropneumatic Bladder Surge Control System designs are developed from a proprietary program developed especially for surge control analysis to model the fluid system and offer a low cost alternative for small water system application. From this analysis, the correct surge tank and components can be sized and determined. The result is a complete and accurate account of system requirements and a reliable solution design for any transient flow problem.


Sizing & Materials

The tank volume and design pressure is determined by the system's requirements and horizontal or vertical arrangements are possible with capacity ranging from 120 to 20,000 gallons, or to customer specification. The bladder is a heavy Elastomer which is chosen specifically for the application: potable water, raw water or hydrocarbons.

An optional PULSCO Bladder Failure Alarm provides local and remote alarm indication for a ruptured bladder.

The tank is designed, built and certified to ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1 requirements.


The Bladder Surge Control System controls the energy and thus minimizes transient pressure from the shock waves. The system is pre-charged to a calculated pressure that will resupply the system with water after a pump station shut-down or start-up procedure. Either the bladder will be charged for waste water type applications or the tank will be charged for potable water applications. Complete protection of the fluid system may require multiple bladder surge control systems depending on the allowable space.

The principal components of the system are the ASME tank, bladder, safety valve, pressure gauge assembly and air charging valves.