Flanges are drilled to match 125 lb. ANSI Standard (except TDS-2-8L and TDS-3-8L which have male NPT connectors.)

Internal Plate Material

The internal plate is made of 14 gauge perforated carbon steel.

Shell Material

All models up to 26" are fabricated of 14 gauge hot rolled carbon steel. Models 26" and above are constructed of 11 gauge hot rolled carbon steel.

External Finish

All Tubular Duct Silencers are finished with our standard primer.

High Temperature

High temperature designs, TDS, are available for applications such as gas turbine exhaust systems. The TDS is custom designed to meet the temperature requirements of your applications.

Acoustical Packing

The acoustical packing consists of 3pcf fiberglass acoustic packing.

Additional Information

Product Information (PDF)

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