PULSCO receives FAA Repair Station Certificate (4PUR849C)

Effective November 2, 2016 PULSCO received its FAA Repair Station Certificate (4PUR849C) and is now approved to inspect, repair and overhaul OEM components per Operational Specifications. As an approved FAA Repair Station, PULSCO adheres to and is compliant with the FAA/DOT Drug and Alcohol Preventative Program. Currently, PULSCO is approved to repair OEM equipment for the following Aircraft Manufacturers; Augusta, Boeing, Bombardier, and Gulfstream with plans to expand and perform work for other aircraft manufacturers. 


Product Exchange Program:

As an additional service, PULSCO will implement its Product Exchange Program, which allows for shorter turn around times on components that are removed for service. Contact PULSCO for the availabilty of parts for exchange before or after the part has been removed from the aircraft.

Kennedy Clark