Case Study: North Texas Municipal Water District

Wastewater treatment.jpg

Commissioned: 2014

Engineer: CH2MHILL

Contractor: Moltz Construction

Project: Climax PDWTP

Location: Climax, CO

  • Plant designed for the initial production of 35 mgd and an ultimate capacity of 280 mgd.
  • PULSCO’s Hydropneumatic Surge System constructed out of 1” steel and measured 16 ft diameter x 128 ft long.
  • PULSCO’s system is dual purpose
    • Principal purpose was to protect the pump station piping from surges in the event of power failure
    • Secondary purpose was to provide water for filter backwash
  • Dual purpose system reduced overall system and operational costs
    • Separate water storage for the filter system was not necessary
    • Operational expenditures were reduced because filters could be backwashed in a sequence with minimal downtime (20 minutes versus 1.5 hours without tank system)
Kennedy Clark