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PULSCO has been designing and manufacturing industrial grade acoustic silencers to meet customers' specific requirements for over 50 years. Our solutions for noise attenuation have been known to last for decades ensuring safe working environments, high-productivity, and decreased capital expenditure.

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Noise Control Solutions

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We differentiate the type of noise attenuation solution based on the severity of the pressure relief required. 


Severe Service

For high intensity, broadband noise associated with pressure relief systems and gas/steam line turbulence, PULSCO’s Blowdown Vent Silencers and Line Silencers provide the solution. If a valve currently exists in the system, then PULSCO will match the silencer to the valve's operating parameters.

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Industry Service

For lower pressure applications that require attenuation in the middle to high frequency range, PULSCO offers duct mutes with rectangular and tubular cross sections. Middle to high frequency application normally involves the following:

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After receiving the required inputs, PULSCO designs the best noise attenuation solution for the given application.

PULSCO’s Silencer Sizing Program incorporates the customer's operating conditions, specifications and system description to select the most cost effective silencer configuration.



The materials used to construct the silencer are dependent on the type of gas being processed through the system.


The temperature of the medium will determine which material is best suited to construct the silencer. 


All of PULSCO’s Line Silencers are ASME certified pressure vessels. Canadian Registration Number (CRN) and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) certification can be provided upon request. 


Silencer sizing is directly correlated to the flow of the gas being processed. The higher the flow rate, the larger the diameter of the silencer. 


PULSCO Vent and Line Silencers reduce noise by providing a high range of pressure drops to your system. When paired with a valve, our silencers provide back pressure on the valve to optimize performance by reducing the pressure drop across the valve.

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PULSCO has a wide selection of silencers to provide the best noise solution for your application.

PULSCO offers fully-customized products and cataloged models to meet the system requirements.

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Based on your inputs, we can optimally design a silencer to meet your requirements and specifications.

PULSCO's experience and modeling tools allow accurate predictions of both the generated noise and the amount of attenuation to size the silencer to a given amount of pressure relief. 



The overall size of a silencer is dictated by the required noise reduction and the flow rate of the particular gas. Noise reduction depends on the silencer's length, while the diameter depends on the gas flow rate.

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Previous Generation Models

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New Generation Models


Silencer components are generally constructed from carbon steel. However, they may be constructed from other materials to meet specific design or application requirements such as high temperature, corrosive environment, or oxygen service. Material recommendations are dependent on the specified operating conditions.

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It is important to understand the determining factors for cost of ownership.

In the long term, a fully-customized silencer that is designed for optimal performance, will save your business time, manpower, and money in the long run. 

Increased Valve Life

PULSCO Vent and Line Silencers are designed and engineered as a system, specifically matched to a control valve system to reduce the overall cost for the valve and silencer package and ultimately optimizing the performance of your factory. 

Business Continuity

The unmatched reliability of PULSCO silencers prevent catastrophic occurrences that would interrupt production, shut down plants or other outages. Our dependable silencers ensure the continued productivity of your factory.

Decreased Capital Expenditure

The long-lasting durability of our silencers take more time to deteriorate than most silencers, reducing the amount of capital spent to replace or repair the equipment.


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